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Service Changes

What is a Service Change?

Every day, changes occur within our community that can affect the transit system. We respond by regularly reviewing these changes and determine if adjustments need to be made to better serve you.

Service changes allow us to modify existing route alignments, schedules, bus stops and facilities in order to improve overall service. People Mover's goal is to maximize the efficiency of its existing resources, and allocate them accordingly based on ridership trends and route productivity.    

People Mover's annual service change typically takes place during the summer. The service change process spans four to six months and includes the following steps:

  • Service change proposal development
  • Community involvement
  • Schedule development
  • Infrastructure needs
  • Customer information and education
  • Implementation

2015 Service Change:

The Service Change originially scheduled for June 1st has been rescheduled for June 29, 2015. Schedules will be availabe at the first week of June, and Ride Guides will be availabe a few weeks before implementation.

People Mover is planning a Service Change for implementation June 29th, 2015. Click here for a PDF version of the Final June 2015 Service Change Scope.

People Mover is planning a Service Change for implementation June 29th, 2015. .

People Mover asks and encourages the public to participate and provide comments through public meetings, customer service, and online. Public meetings take place to inform the public on what changes are being considered, and to gather comments to help make decisions.

The timeframe for accepting public comments has closed as of 5:00p.m., February 5th.

Final schedules should be posted 30 days prior to implementation.

Service Guidelines:

Click here to read about People Mover's Public Comment Policy and Procedures for Fare Increases and Major Service Reductions.

Information regarding the MOA Public Transportation Department Title VI Program can be found here.

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