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Employee Programs

People Mover has programs to meet the needs of employers and employees.

Employer Transportation Coordinators (ETCs)

Employer Transportation Coordinators are company employees who help provide transit related information to fellow employees. Currently, the Municipal Public Transportation Department works with approximately 150 employers in the Anchorage commute area by providing transportation options for their employees.

On a quarterly basis, transportation information is sent via email that could be included in company internal correspondence such as newsletters, forwarded onto employees or posted in high traffic areas such as break rooms.

Companies find that promoting alternate transportation is a benefit not only for the employee but for the company, too. Benefits include employees arriving at work on time and less stressed, fewer parking spaces are required, improved air quality and reduced congestion. The company and employees are winners!

Being an ETC is not time consuming, (about 15 minutes per quarter), and the benefits are great. To find out how you can help your company, contact Sandy Clark, Employer Coordinator, 343-8435.

Employer Sponsored Pass

Public Transportation is a great employee benefit!  Employers and employees can take advantage of transit tax benefits and reduce parking demand.  When employers provide bus passes they promote bus ridership, reduce congestion and parking hassles, improve air quality and increase employee reliability. 

The ESP program can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization. Call 343-4536 for information.

Transit Tax Benefits

Promoting employee job satisfaction and improving air quality can be complicated tasks when you also have to keep an eye on the bottom line. Transit tax benefits offer you a number of ways to save money and increase worker productivity.

Tax Savings

Offering qualified transportation benefits can yield significant tax savings. The Federal Tax Code allows employers to offer their employees up to $130 per month in tax-free benefits for transit and vanpool passes. Alternatively, employees can set aside up to $125 per month pre-tax for transit or vanpool expenses. Tax savings alone typically outweigh the small implementation costs of these programs. Employers can offer three options to take advantage of tax-saving benefits:

  • The employer can cover the full cost of the benefit.
  • The employee can pay for transportation with pre-tax salary.
  • The employer and the employee can share the cost of the benefit.

Helping employees save money can be an attractive benefit which reduces turnover and increases productivity. Employers then spend less time and money recruiting and training new employees. Carpool, vanpool, and transit users require fewer parking spaces, saving the company money on rent, construction, and maintenance.

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