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Class Pass

A Class Pass allows Anchorage School District  Elementary schools to take an unlimited number of field trips on People Mover throughout the school year for an annual fee of $60.

Each pass is limited to a total of 30 individuals per trip including students, teachers and aides and may be purchased at the Downtown Transit Center, 700 W. 6th Avenue, Suite 109.

Photo IDs are issued Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 12 pm & 1 pm and 4:30 pm. For more details, call Customer Service at 343-6526 or 343-4536.


Mural created by Ms. Schumacher's Enrichment Students from Mountain View, Ptarmigan and Russian Jack Elementary schools who enjoyed their field trips on People Mover buses.

How do I use the service?

All field trips are scheduled through the ASD Community Resources Center (742-4146) using their request form. After establishing the date, destination, and time frame for your field trip, submit the request form to the ASD Community Resources Center. Their staff will determine the most appropriate People Mover route and schedule for your round trip and provide you with the approximate bus departure and arrival times for your destination, explain if your group needs to transfer to a connecting bus, and provide directions for your return trip.

ASD’s Community Resources Center will issue a trip confirmation letter to the People Mover Operations office. Should you decide to cancel your trip, please call the Community Resources Center at 742-4146, and they will contact People Mover.

How much will I save using a Class Pass?

Your savings will depend on how many field trips you take. However, consider the cost of the following simple field trip without a Class Pass:

Fare for 26 students to your destination (26 x $1)       $26.00
Fare for 26 students home from destination                $26.00 

Fare for 4 adult chaperones (4 x $1.75)                         $ 7.00
Fare for 4 adult chaperones (return trip)                        $ 7.00

Total cost of Field Trip transportion:                            $66.00

If a student already has a monthly bus pass, he/she needs to display the pass when boarding, and a cash fare is not required for him/her.

Can I schedule a class trip on People Mover on my own?

NO.  All field trips must be coordinated through the ASD Community Resource Center. If you desire more information please call the People Mover RideLine  at 343-6543.

Why should I use People Mover?

Many teachers throughout the school district have used People Mover services for class field trips Last year more than 12,000 students registered to participate in the Class Pass Program. The public transportation system provides a regular and reliable means of transportation that is already going your way when you want to go. Taking field trips via public transportation creates an awareness of an alternative means of commuting for your students. Use of People Mover buses lessens the budget impact on school district funds.

Is there anything else I should know about People Mover buses?

Unlike school buses, People Mover buses are not equipped with flashing lights or signs to signal passing motorists to yield and stop. Therefore it is critical that children understand this difference about the public transit bus. When they get off a public transit bus, they must exit by the rear door, stand back of the People Mover bus, away from the curb and wait for the bus to move on. Children must be cautioned never to cross in front. It is recommend that your group show up 5 minutes prior to the scheduled stop.  Our buses are on a fixed schedule, classes must be ready to board when the bus arrives.

What are People Mover policies?

People Mover is the public transportation service for the Municipality of Anchorage, which operates on specific routes and time schedules and serves all Anchorage residents. Field trip seating is limited to 30 passengers for your field trip, because the bus must continue to serve its customers along the route.

No loud, boisterous behavior or moving about the bus will be tolerated. This policy extends to all People Mover customers. Teachers are expected to remain in control of their students at all time on city buses.

The Class Pass is intended for use only for a teacher and his/her class for the purpose of transporting students on field trips. It is not for private use by teachers or students for any other purpose.

Failure to follow policies stated here will result in suspension of Class Pass privileges for the remainder of the school year.

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