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How will your travel times (walking + waiting) be affected by the different route concepts?

The blobs on the maps below show how much of Anchorage you can access within 15 minutes (in white), 30 minutes (in blue), 45 minutes (in green) or 60 minutes(in pink) of travel time. These blobs are called “isochrones.” The isochrones are centered around a cartoon person, which show where that person could go in the city, in a fixed amount of time. The travel times take into account the time spent walking to transit, waiting for the bus, riding, transferring, and walking to one’s final destination. 

You can use these maps to think about access in the reverse, as well. For a worksite or store at the selected point, the blobs show who could readily get there: the employees it can attract and the  customers who can shop there. 

Keep in mind that it isn’t simply the geographic area of these isochrones, but the number of people they contain, that speak to a Concept’s ridership potential.

Where do you live / work / play?

Click on the chart at the bottom or view the graphics below:

 Mountain View

(Click on a map to see full size)

Travel time from Mt. View in existing system. Travel time from Mt. View in 80% concept. Travel time from Mt. View in 100% concept.

Muldoon Rd & Debarr Rd

(Click on a map to see full size)

travel time from Muldoon in existing system travel time from Muldoon in 80% concept travel time from Muldoon in 100% concept


(Click on a map to see full size)

Travel Times from Fairview in existing systemTravel Times from Fairview in 80% concept Travel Times from Fairview in 100% concept 

Providence Hospital / UAA

(Click on a map to see full size)

Travel time from U-Med in existing system Travel time from U-Med in 80% concept Travel time from U-Med in 100% concept

Dimond Mall

(Click on a map to see full size)

Travel time from the Dimond Mall in existing system travel times from the Dimond Mall in 80% route concept Travel time from the Dimond Mall in 100% concept


If your area is not represented and you would like to see how your travel time is affected, please call Collin Hodges at 907-343-8213 or request a map via email at

Travel Time Chart

Click on the chart below to view a PDF Chart with Travel Times for each route concept