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People Mover New Fareboxes & Fare Media 

Published: 4/30/2012 

Riding the bus just got easier!

Beginning June 11, People Mover will introduce new fareboxes on its fleet and begin using magnetic swipe and Smart Card technology.

Fare Media Types
Ride Tickets:
Sold as a single ride or group of 20 rides, the latter may be shared with another passenger.

1-day pass: valid for an unlimited number of rides for a single day 
30-day pass: valid for an unlimited number of rides for a 30-day period from first use
Neither may be shared with another passenger.

Smart Card: May be loaded with passes or rides, but not both

Where to Buy
After June 11, passes and tickets will be available at all sales outlet locations. They may be purchased in advance and will not become active until first used. Single day passes will be all that is available to purchase on the bus.

A Ticket Vending Machine (TVM), located in the Downtown Transit Center, will sell passes, tickets and Smart Cards and will accept cash only.

Smart Cards are also available from Customer Service in the Downtown Transit Center for an initial fee of $3.75.

Exchanging old fare for new fare
After June 11, tokens and current day passes may be exchanged for ride tickets and new day pass coupons at the Downtown Transit Center through December 15, 2012. After that neither will be accepted anywhere.

For more information, refer to our brochure which includes a list of FAQs or our informational poster