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2014 Fare Increase Notice 

Published: 11/21/2013 

The 2014 Municipal Operating Budget and Ordinance No. AO 2013‐100 were approved by the Anchorage Assembly. These ordinances approve a fare increase for People Mover and AnchorRIDES effective January 1, 2014.

People Mover

The People Mover fare structure was simplified, combining Youth and Reduced fares into a new Half Fare program. The Half Fare program allows eligible riders to pay half the full adult fare. Eligible individuals include:

  • Seniors age 60 and older
  • Youth age 5-18
  • Medicare Care Holders
  • Individuals with qualifying disabilities
  • AnchorRIDES eligible passengers
  • Veterans

Fare Category  Adult Fare  Half Fare 
Cash Fare  $2.00  $1.00 
Day Pass  $5.00  $2.50 
30-Day Pass  $60.00  $30.00 
20-Ride Ticket or Bundle of 20 1-Ride Tickets  $40.00  $20.00 
Annual Pass  $660.00  $330.00 

All People Mover passes purchased prior to January 1, 2014 will continue to be honored.

Additional fees and fares include:

People Mover Photo ID/SmartCard  $5.00 
ASD Elementary Class Pass  $60.00 
Spring/Winter Group Pass  $20.00 
Summer Group Pass  $38.50 


A new fare category was established for AnchorRIDES MOA funded senior trips in excess of State of Alaska, DSDS Senior Transportation grant funding.

Fare Category  Core  Premium 
ADA  $3.50  $5.50 
Senior Trips funded by Municipality of Anchorage  $3.50  $5.50 
Senior Trips funded with NTS Grant for limited trip purpose  Donation  Donation 

For more information contact the Public Transportation Department.
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