AnchorRIDES Service Areas

Core Service Areas

AnchorRIDES base service area covers distances up to 3/4 mile from People Mover fixed routes as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for comparable paratransit service. AnchorRIDES uses software that provides geographic coordinates to determine if trip addresses are within 3/4 mile of People Mover bus routes. As People Mover route locations expand or contract, so does the AnchorRIDES core area.

Premium Service Areas

Premium service areas are locations beyond 3/4 mile of People Mover fixed routes but within the overall service area boundary. Our mapping software determines if the trip address is more or less than 3/4 mile from a People Mover bus route and in an approved premium area. Premium service is approved by the MOA, but not required under the Americans with Disabilities Act for paratransit services. AnchorRIDES has three (3) premium areas within the Anchorage bowl area; generally described as:

  1. Anchorage Hillside
  2. Klatt/Bayshore
  3. Sand Lake

Click here to view the Service Area Map.

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