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People Mover Travel Training

People Mover offers travel training that is free, one-to-one instruction for people with disabilities, senior citizens or anyone who wants to learn to ride People Mover buses. Group orientation sessions are also available.

People Mover has experienced staff available to coordinate and provide individualized and group instruction. Training is available for a specific trip and or for those learning the entire system, depending on a person's needs and capabilities. People with visual impairments who need the specialized services of an orientation and mobility instructor will be referred to organizations that offer those services.

The travel training program includes:

  • Obtaining bus system information and assistance
  • Trip planning
  • Reading bus schedules or referring to route cue cards
  • Boarding and exiting buses
  • Street crossing
  • Emergency procedures
  • Personal safety and stranger awareness
  • Appropriate behavior on buses
  • Using the wheelchair lift and securement system

The program is self-paced. The trainer works with the participant to develop a training schedule that is tailored to the individual's needs.

There are many benefits of riding People Mover!

  • People Mover Means Greater Independence: There is no need to call a day or week in advance to reserve a trip as required on AnchorRIDES.
  • Riding People Mover Is Easy: All People Mover buses are accessible. Buses are ramp equipped and have voice announcements and sign displays for major intersections and destinations.
  • Riding People Mover Saves Money: A trip on People Mover costs only a quarter ($.50) for people with disabilities and senior citizens compared to $3.00 or more on AnchorRIDES.  

Click here to complete and submit an application, or for more information call the Travel Training Coordinator at 343-6332. We will do our best to answer any questions and if interested in the program, we will begin a personalized training plan for the participant.

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