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AnchorRIDES Paratransit and Coordinated Transportation

AnchorRIDES is a shared ride service providing trips in compliance with various funding sources, including ADA transportation service to people with disabilities that prevent them from using our fixed route system; senior citizens age 60 and over; and other coordinated trips.  Individuals may be eligible for AnchorRIDES under multiple funding sources.  Each funding source has unique criteria. 

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Quick Reference Guide

Our Quick Reference Guide (.pdf) can help you understand the various criteria.  The Municipality and its contractor provide the service as part of the public transportation system.

ADA Transportation

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that each public entity operating a fixed route system such as People Mover will provide paratransit services to individuals whose disabilities prevent them from using the fixed route.  ADA Transportation is primarily funded through the Municipality of Anchorage operating budget.  Service must be comparable to the level of service provided to individuals without disabilities on the fixed route (People Mover) and operate within 3/4 mile on either side of a People Mover bus route.  For additional information, see the ADA Rider Guide located on the Policies Page.

Senior Transportation

Senior Transportation is provided with funding and guidelines from the Older Americans Act.  Senior citizens age 60 and over may receive trips for specific trip purposes.  The eligible trip purposes allow access to non-emergency health care, adult daycare, senior meal programs, pharmacies, and employment and volunteer sites.  For more information, see the Senior Rider Guide located on the Policies Page.

Medicaid Trips

AnchorRIDES is a transportation service provider to people eligible for the Medicaid HOme and Community Based Waiver program.  AnchorRIDES can be provided if transportation services are pre-authorized in a person's Plan of Care and submitted by the Care Coordinator.

Eagle River Connect

To assist transit users in the Eagle River area, the Public Transportation Department contracts Connect service.  Connect is provided through our AnchorRIDES contractor.  Connect provides limited weekday service for the general public and some dial-a-ride service for eligible ADA paratransit riders.  For more information see the Eagle River Connect page.

Other Coordinated transportation

As the state-designated coordinated transportation service, AnchorRIDES also has contracts to provide trips with various local and non-profit organizations.

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