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Port of Anchorage


Port Roads Closed to Public

Due to heightened security requirements, the Port of Anchorage has initiated an aggressive access control program. Until further notice, all Port properties and roads are closed to the public. All inbound traffic to the Port will be monitored. This includes both commercial truck traffic and private vehicles. Drivers must have proper identification and a need to be on the facility to gain access. Individuals having business at the Port must have a confirmed Port sponsor or contact person and a contact phone number.

Access Control Procedures

Events impacting National Security required the Port of Anchorage to initiate an aggressive access control program that will provide the security measures mandated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  The access control program will require all frequent Port users to enroll in the Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) program and to obtain an access control card and vehicle decal. The casual visitor will be required to present government issued identification with a photograph and have a Port sponsor prior to being granted access to the facility.

Anyone not having a valid reason to be on the Port of Anchorage will be denied entry.

Certain items are considered Prohibited on the Port of Anchorage and facilities located within the Port Security Zone. Examples of these prohibited items are; firearms, ammunition, incendiary devices, explosives, and unauthorized Haz Mat.

The Port of Anchorage staff person responsible for the security program and who can provide additional information or answer any questions is Stuart Greydanus, Facility Security Officer.  He can be contacted at 343-6232.

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