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Motorcycle Licensing and Registration

Even though Alaska has a very short riding season, we have an incredibly high motorcycle riding population.  One of the requirements to operate a motorcycle in Alaska is the motorcycle must be properly registered with the license plate securely fastened and visible.

Anchorage Municipal Code 9.52.030 A states: Every motor vehicle which is required to be licensed by the state and which is operated in the municipality shall:

  1. Be currently registered and have such registration attached to the vehicle.
  2. Have a rear license plate, securely fastened in compliance with AS 28.10.171, and a front license plate if a front plate is required by the State of Alaska or the state where the vehicle is registered, with the correct registration numbers for the vehicle securely attached to the vehicle and illuminated as required in section 9.44.060
  3. Have the correct month and year of expiration affixed to the license plate as required by the state.

What does this mean to motorcyclists?  It means that each motorcycle, operated on the roadway, must have a current registration tab affixed to the license plate assigned to that motorcycle.  The license plate must be permanently attached to the motorcycle in a manner that allows it to be clearly legible. 

Mounting the license plate inside the rear wheel well is a violation of this section and is punishable with a $90.00 citation.  As this is not a moving violation, there are no DMV points assessed. 

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