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Loud Music in Vehicles

How many times have you been sitting at a traffic light next to a vehicle that is blaring deafening music?  The ground beneath can literally shake with some of the sound systems installed in motor vehicles.  Imagine trying to warn the driver of a hazard, but due to the amplified sound inside his or her vehicle, the driver cannot hear your horn.  Additionally, the ability to hear approaching emergency vehicles is greatly diminished or completely absent.  This can lead to delayed response times for emergency responders and increases the chance of a collision should the driver not yield to the emergency vehicle.

In the municipality of Anchorage, it is illegal to play music from a parked or moving vehicle that can be heard from a distance of greater than 25 feet away.  Anchorage Municipal Code 15.70.095 deals with excessively loud music in motor vehicles.   It states, “ Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Code, with the exception of this chapter, no person operating in or in control of a parked or moving motor vehicle shall operate or permit the operation of an electronically amplified sound system in or on the motor vehicle so as to produce sound that is clearly audible at 25 feet or more from the motor vehicle. For the purpose of this section, the phrase "clearly audible" means that sound is transferred to the auditor, such as but not limited to being able to understand spoken or sung words, or comprehension of musical rhythms.”

In addition to the obvious roadway dangers presented, loud music blaring from a motor vehicle disturbs residential areas.  Alaskans play hard during the long summer days, but still desire the ability to enjoy peace and quiet.

Fines for violation of this ordinance are graduated and stiff.  First offenders face a civil penalty of $100.00 for the first violation, $300.00 for the second violation within six months of the first violation, and $1,000.00 and forfeiture of the sound system or components of the sound system up to $1,000.00 in value, for the third violation within one year of the first violation.

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