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Construction Zone Double Fines

Each summer in Anchorage marks warmer temperatures, tourists and increased vehicular traffic on the roadways.  It also marks the beginning of summer road construction, which often continues throughout the entire season. 

Construction zones are clearly marked with approved signs.  Often, these signs will indicate a reduced speed limit through the zone.  The reduced speed is for several reasons – roadway work in progress as well as workers within the zone – which requires motorists slow down for safety reasons.  While the reduced speed is in effect twenty-four hours a day, due to the road surface work, there may not always be workers within the zone.  This does not alleviate the fact that the speed, by ordinance and signing, must be reduced.

In addition to the reduced speed, any violation that occurs within a construction work zone is subject to double fines.  This means, for example, any lane change violation or other traffic infraction carries twice the amount of the normal fine.

Anchorage Municipal Code 9.48.130 is the fine schedule for traffic violations.  It states “ In accordance with AS 28.05.151, a citation issued for violation of any of the following sections of this title shall be subject to disposition with payment of a fine in lieu of a court appearance or as otherwise prescribed.  Violations committed within highway work zones shall be subject to double the fine amount indicated.”   To put it in perspective, a speeding ticket for traveling 25 mph over the limit would be increased from $300.00 to $600. 00. 

While the term ‘highway’ may indicate an actual ‘highway’, by definition, it includes every publicly maintained street that is open for purposes of vehicular travel.   This means any construction zone, whether it is on the Seward Highway, the Glenn Highway, or on any city street, is subject to double fines. 

Bottom line – slow down in construction zones – not only for your safety, but also for the safety of the workers within the zone.

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