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Crime Statistics

Annual Statistical Report

2013 APD Annual Statistical Report (Includes Calls For Service by Community Council Area) 11.2 MB

2012 APD Annual Statistical Report (Includes Calls For Service by Community Council Area) 826 Kb

2010 APD Annual Statistical Report  381kb

2010 Calls for Service by Community Council  439kb

UCR Part I Crime Rates 2005- 2012

 Rate of Part I Crimes per 100K Population 688 Kb

To compare Anchorage's UCR data to the rest of the nation, visit the  FBI's UCR website

The linked charts were created using Anchorage PD data and the assistance of the UAA Justice Department. 

The gray dot represents an 8 year average rate of the charted crime.  The gray line represents a 95% confidence interval range based on that same 8 year average.  A 95% confidence interval indicates that 95% of measured incidents should fall within that range. The red dot represents the actual rate for that year.

Murder rate per 100,000 population chart 2005-2012