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Disclaimer Statement

This web site reflects copies of the official Notice of Disposable Property which are Posted and available for viewing at the Anchorage Police Department 4501 Elmore Road and the Municipal Clerks Office, suite 250, City Hall, 632 West 6th Avenue. 

Disposable Property is not available for public viewing. If an item of disposable property appearing on the list may belong to you, then contact the Anchorage Police Department Evidence Section for further instructions on how to file a claim.

References to any Municipal Code of Ordinance within the text are for convenience and may not reflect the specific wording or the entire code section or chapter as it appears in the official Anchorage Municipal Code of Ordinances. Users are urged to view the entire official Anchorage Municipal Code of Ordinances.

Owners and any Finders are required to comply with the response and claim requirements established in the Anchorage Municipal Code of Ordinances Title 7.25. relating to Disposable Property in the possession of the Anchorage Police Department before permanently and irrevocably losing all rights, titles, interests and loss of any property disposed of in accordance with the provisions contained within this chapter.

Municipality of Anchorage web site disclaimer

The information contained herein was current as of the date this website/home page was established.  Changes or modifications may have occurred since that date. The user is urged to contact the Evidence Section of the Anchorage Police Department to confirm the accuracy of this information. The Municipality does not warrant the accuracy of any information supplied to the user through this website/homepage by third parties. Nothing contained in or available through this website/home page should be considered an endorsement of or recommendation by the Municipality of Anchorage for any commercial enterprise listed. In all cases, any information or material provided is governed by the provisions of the Anchorage Municipal Code which shall control in the event of any inconsistency.

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