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Identifying Clandestine Labs

Drug tip hotline – 786-8864

A narcotics laboratory or production house is also frequently referred to as a clandestine drug laboratory or clan lab.  These laboratories are mini-chemical labs designed for one purpose: to make deadly, illegal drugs quickly and cheaply.

Clan lab chemists can produce LSD, synthetic heroin, and other drugs, but their drug of choice is methamphetamine.  These homemade drugs are extremely dangerous to the users; and the labs that produce them pose serious threats to public safety.  Toxic chemicals, explosions, fires, booby traps, armed criminals – any of these can mean disaster for people who live near or inadvertently stumble onto labs.  You can not afford to ignore a clandestine lab.  If you know about one, report it!  There are several signs to indicate the presence of a lab:

  • strong chemical odors
  • high volumes of traffic to suspected locations
  • people coming outside only to smoke
  • chemical containers coming to and from a location

If you think you know about a clandestine lab, don’t investigate.  Leave that to the authorities. But do report it at once.

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