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 Public can Access APD Scanner Online 


Police Department

Anchorage Police Department

Press Release

November 8, 2013

Contact:  Jennifer Castro

APD Public Information Officer

786-8571 Office


Subject: Public can Access APD Scanner Online

APD is pleased to announce its police scanner traffic is now available online for public access, enabling all citizens to listen to what is going on in their community during police responses. The scanner feed can be accessed on all devices from smartphones to PCs.

To access the feed, users can go to  and click on the “Listen Here” icon. The feed can be broadcasted through a variety of audio players such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, Real Player, Web Player, Java Web Player or Winamp.

To monitor only one channel on a computer, users should open their volume control icon and mute the left or right side; APD North Dispatch operates on the left speaker and South Dispatch operates on the right speaker.

Please note there is a broadcast delay of a few minutes for the purpose of officer and public safety. Also, information reported on the scanner may not be an accurate account of the incident pending further investigation by officers.

Note to Media on Police Scanners from Chief Mew:

As of Tuesday, November 12, 2013 all APD Scanner traffic will ONLY be available online through   Please click on the “Listen Here” graphic to access the streaming scanner feed.

We hope this source of scanner access will enhance information gathering for media in the field during events, as officers work to verify the facts of an incident.

Traditional police scanners will not be able to receive APD’s scanner traffic (as of Tuesday), as it will be encrypted and only made available to the public online. Please note there is also a broadcast delay of a few minutes for the purpose of officer and public safety. This change is not affected by Fire scanners, and AFD fire dispatch will continue to be available on regular scanners.

We appreciate your cooperation,

Chief Mark Mew

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