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 Missing Person Stephen Gingrich Found Deceased 


Police Department

Subject:  Missing Person Stephen Gingrich Found Deceased

Case Number:  13-54190 (cross reference case number 13-50349)

The body of 58-year-old missing person Stephen Gingrich has been found dead as a result of an accident inside his residence.

Today around 1:55 p.m. Anchorage Police received a call from a relative of Stephen Gingrich advising that he had located Gingrich’s body in the basement/crawl-space area beneath Gingrich’s Hiland Road residence in Eagle River, buried under a heavy concrete slab. 

It appears that Gingrich had been digging beneath the slab when it fell and crushed him. 

Gingrich was originally reported missing on November 16, 2013, by a concerned neighbor who had not seen nor heard from him in approximately two weeks.  The basement area where his body was found today was one of many areas searched when Gingrich was initially reported missing; however a large amount of debris and clutter had further obstructed Gingrich’s body from being located at the time. 

Police are now working with Anchorage Fire personnel to determine a plan to safely remove and recover the body. 

His next of kin have been notified.    

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