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Subject:  Eagle River Shooting

Case Number:  13-17412

 Anchorage Police responded to a call of shots fired in the parking lot of the Alaska Club in Eagle River at about 8:30 PM last night.  Witnesses reported seeing an altercation between two men that resulted in one man shooting the other and both fleeing the scene in separate vehicles.  Blood was found at the scene, but police didn’t have a victim until he called APD more than two hours after the incident.

According to the victim, the altercation began in the area of the Homestead Lounge and spilled over into the Alaska Club parking lot.  The victim told officers that he was attempting to buy drugs; he gave the suspect money and the suspect refused to give him the drugs. When the victim tried to get his money back, the suspect produced a gun, pointed it at his head, and pulled the trigger.  A single bullet grazed the top of the victim’s head, but the injury is not considered life threatening.  The victim then fled to a nearby residence where he treated the wound and then called police to report the incident at about 10:40 PM.  The victim was identified as a 27 year-old Eagle River resident. 

Police interviewed multiple witnesses at the scene and are now looking for the shooter.  He is described as a stocky male, possibly Hispanic, about 5’8” tall, weighing about 275 pounds.  Additional information will be released once it becomes available.



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