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 Anchorage Police Department Implements New Crime Suppression Initiative 


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Anchorage Police Department

Chief Justin Doll

For Immediate Release:
October 3, 2017

Anchorage Police Department Implements New Crime Suppression Initiative

ANCHORAGE – Today, the Anchorage Police Department released a new crime suppression initiative to address violent crime and drug activity in Anchorage. The plan has three components:

  1. The VICE team will move from the Detective Division, to the Crime Suppression Division. This moves CAP and VICE under one chain of command for drug investigations. Simplifying this structure means the units will work more closely together and be more effective.
  2. An APD detective assigned as liaison with the Alaska Information Analysis Center (AKIAC) will move to the Crime Suppression Division as a dedicated Task Force Officer. This detective will be housed with the APD crime analysis unit to add a layer of intelligence to data being explored. This intelligence sharing with our law enforcement partners will help APD determine trends, hot spots, and better connect suspects to crime. A detective will also be added to both the Homicide Unit and Robbery/Assault unit to assist with violent crime investigations.
  3. Finally, an Investigative Support Unit (ISU) is being created to assist detectives and patrol. This unit will consist of eight officers and a sergeant who are not tied to calls for service. This enables them to assist detectives serve search warrants, run surveillance, find witnesses, conduct long term investigations, provide targeted high intensity patrol enforcement, or react to major incidents.

“As we finally feel the impact of increased staffing, we assessed how to strategically deploy our resources to have the most impact on crime and take violent offenders off the street,” said APD Chief Justin Doll. “Our goal is to more proactively address crime, rather than simply react to it.”

This crime suppression initiative will take effect mid-October.


Contact: Nora Morse (907) 786-8662
APD Deputy Communications Director

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