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 Anchorage Police Charge Man with Multiple Counts of Theft, Fraud, and Forgery 


Police Department

Subject:  Anchorage Police Charge Man with Multiple Counts of Theft, Fraud, and Forgery

Case Number:  13-41204; 13-42257; 13-40390; 13-504257; 13-504036; 13-504037; 13-504316; 13-502934; 13-35002; 13-33998 

After a lengthy investigation, Anchorage Police Detective Darren Hernandez has charged 22-year-old Kyle Spernak with 23 felonies and 5 misdemeanors for theft, fraud, and forgery stemming from multiple theft cases that largely targeted vehicles. During the course of his investigation, Detective Hernandez was able to tie Spernak to the following cases:

On 7/2/13 a victim reported forgery of a stolen check in the amount of $470.00.

On 8/5/13 a victim contacted APD to report that a fraudulent check in the amount of $275.00 had been written against his account.  The victim had learned of other vehicle break-ins in the neighborhood and, upon checking his own vehicle, discovered checks missing from within his checkbook. 

On 8/12/13 a victim contacted APD to report that two checks had been fraudulently cashed against his account: one in the amount of $300.00 and another in the amount of $250.00.

On 9/1/13, a victim contacted APD to report checks stolen from his vehicle and fraudulently cashed at a bank for $260.00 each. 

On 9/14/13, a victim reported checks stolen from his vehicle.  One of the victim’s checks was later cashed at the bank for $315.00.

On 9/18/13, a victim reported that a check had been stolen from her vehicle and subsequently cashed at the bank in the amount of $330.00.

On 9/19/13, a victim contacted APD to report a vehicle break-in, during which a collection of valuable professional camera equipment had been stolen.  On 9/26/13, the same victim contacted APD to report that a subject had attempted to cash one of two personal checks also discovered to be stolen. 

In all of the above cases, the checks were written to and funds were received by Kyle Spernak. In many of the cases, it was not the entire checkbook that was stolen, but rather two or three checks from within the checkbook that had been removed. 

None of the victims had any previous acquaintance with Spernak.

On 12/13/13 Detective Hernandez filed 28 new charges against Spernak for the above cases.  Spernak had already been in custody since 10/24/13 when he was arrested for vehicle theft and a warrant stemming from previous charges of theft and fraud.

With thefts from vehicles on the rise, this case serves as a good reminder that simple prevention can go a long way toward keeping one’s valuables safe and protected; taking the simple steps of locking vehicle doors and removing valuable items can help prevent vehicle break-ins.

“Lock – Remove – Conceal, So Thieves Don’t Steal.”





Note:      A criminal charge is merely an accusation of criminal wrongdoing.  All persons charged with crimes are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty by a court of law. 

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