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 APD Announces Dispatch Promotions 


Police Department

Anchorage Police Department
Press Release
November 4, 2013
Contact:  Dani Myren
APD Public Affairs
786-8699 Office

 APD Announces Dispatch Promotions

Three Dispatchers will join the Anchorage Police Department leadership ranks as Dispatch Supervisors.

Effective November 4th, 2013, APD Dispatchers Kelley Kalnoski, Kara McComas, and Kristen Buchta will be promoted to Dispatch Supervisor, a position that holds a rank equivalent to a patrol sergeant on the street.

“I’m very pleased with the quality of people we have promoted,” said Deputy Chief Steve Hebbe. “These are the people who will help drive the direction of the unit and our department.”

After almost twelve years serving the public as a member of APD’s busy Dispatch Center, Kelley Kalnoski now looks forward to her new role as supervisor.  “There is a lot of energy in place, and with that comes fresh, new ideas that will help make our communications center the best it can be!”

APD Dispatch Supervisors Kelley Kalnoski, Kara McComas, and Kristen Buchta.

Kara McComas, who has worked at APD since January of 2003, agrees, “I work with a great group of hardworking people.”  She adds, “[Being a supervisor] will be very challenging, demanding, and rewarding all at the same time, and I look forward to it.”

“This promotion allows me to continue serving our community, but from a different perspective,” said Kristen Buchta, who is a six year veteran of the Dispatch Center.  “I am honored to lead and serve with this team.”

APD Dispatch operates in a highly dynamic, 24/7 environment, responding to everything from catastrophic emergencies and non-emergency requests for police assistance to routine public inquiries.   In the APD Dispatch Center, lives are literally ‘on the line’ and the leadership provided by the unit’s supervisors is instrumental to the public safety of our community.  

“These are some of our very best employees,” Dispatch Lieutenant Ken Spadafora observes “and I am looking forward to working with them as part of the leadership team.” 

The three new Dispatch Supervisors are replacing vacancies left by recent retirements, bringing the total number of Dispatch Supervisors at APD back to full staffing at seven.  



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