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Police Department

Chief of Police Biography

A. Ray White
December 6, 1945 – January 29, 1947 

On December 6, 1945 the Mayor appointed Sergeant A.R. White as Acting Chief of Police.  A.R. White was in charge of the Department’s first Identification Bureau prior to his appointment. On December 19th Acting Chief White submitted an application for Chief of Police and was appointed Chief and served in that position until October 1946.

Under Chief White’s term, the first officially titled “policewoman” was hired.  The job description for “policewoman” read: Duties include work on the police desk at headquarters, handling cases involving women and children, first aid and nursing services in emergencies.  In addition, added responsibility of buying and serving three meals a day to prisoners.  Work seven days a week.  APD’s first “policewoman” was Mildred “Sally” Miller.

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