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The Anchorage Police Department's Mission is to protect and serve our community in the most professional and compassionate manner possible.

UAA Justice Center Study on APD Officer Involved Shootings

Click here to view the most recent UAA study on APD Officer Involved Shootings.

A Look at Reported Crime in Anchorage

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"Faith and Confidence"
A Photograph by William C. Beall, Washington Daily News, 1957

Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains

The Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains' Ministry was recently recognized by the Anchorage Assembly for its long-standing service and commitment to our community. 

During both times of crisis and peace, the chaplains are there lending support to both first responders and the community. Please join us in congratulating the Alaska Police and Fire Chaplain' Ministry for its recent recognition, and help us thank the individuals who participate in this important program for their continued dedication and service on behalf of our community.

A Night on Patrol

Officer Barry Hetlet provides a glimps of what he sees as a mid-shift patrol officer with the Anchorage Police Department in this segment of Alcohol & Me from the Anchorage Daily News. 

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    • 4501 Elmore Road, Anchorage, AK 99507
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The photograph to the [left] is one of my favorites. My daughter gave me a framed copy of it over the holidays, and today I was proud to hang it in my office.  I have thought a lot about this image in the last couple of weeks, and a lot about policing in America as it is presently portrayed.  Contrast this picture with the images we are shown—relentlessly—by the media today.  There’s not a lot of “faith and confidence” in the discussion right now.  After reflecting on these matters, I was compelled to do something I almost never do: share my personal thoughts and musings publicly. The New Year is a time for reflection—and for new commitments—so here it goes...(more)

Plan Ahead - Don't Drive Impaired 

There are many alternatives for getting home safe; driving impaired is NOT one of them!  If you know you will be drinking, have a plan for NOT driving. Click here for a list of programs to consider as you make plans to keep yourself and our community safe...(more) 

Make a Difference - Join the Team!

APD is hiring!  Click here for more information about starting an exciting and rewarding career in public safety with the Anchorage Police Department.