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Police Department

Chief of Police Biography

Charles H. Stowell
August 7, 1948 - June 20, 1950

August 7, 1948 Charles H. Stowell, 48, was appointed Chief of Police.  His starting salary was $575/month.

He was born March 29, 1900 in Alexandria Bay, New York. At the time of his appointment he had 24 years of police experience. He was a former New York State Trooper and Chief of Police in Mamaroneck, NY for eight years.

Besides his civilian law enforcement experience, Stowell served as a lieutenant commander during World War II. He was a security officer at the Norfolk Naval Air Station and was later transferred to the Norfolk Navy yard when he was the officer in charge of police from 1941 until 1946.  In 1946 and 1947 Stowell worked with the Interior Department in administration of the Birmingham, Alabama coal mines.

Charles Stowell died February 1970 in Orlando, Florida.

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