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Police Department

Chief of Police Biography

Patrick Joseph Quigley
July 24, 1947 - August 7, 1948

On August 28, 1947, the Acting City Manager announced the appointment of Patrick Joseph Quigley, who had been serving as Acting Chief since July 24, 1947. Chief quigley was a retired S/Sgt. from the Army. born in Ireland, March 15, 1892.  It is believed that he was in the 4th Infantry stationed at Ft. Richardson. At the time of becoming the Chief of Police, he was the father-in-law of the then police commissioner, Deke Brown of J. Vic Brown & Sons, jewelers directly across the street from City Hall. Quigley's salary was $400/month. Chief Quigley probably had the distinction of being the only chief of police in modern America that could not drive an automobile. He never held a driver's license in his life. Anytime he went any place, he had one of his police officers drive him.

Quigley was retained as captain after he was replaced as chief.

Patrick Quigley died in Sandiego, CA on January 21, 1973.

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