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Police Department

Chief of Police Biography

Lewis Alvin Powless
January 4, 1924 - May 19, 1926

On January 4, 1924, a special meeting of the City Council was held and a new Chief of Police, L.A. Powless was appointed with a starting salary of $225 a month.

Lewis A. Powless, ex-devil dog, ex-doughboy and a former timekeeper on the alaska Railroad, was a unanimous choice of the City Council for Chief of Police.  Born in Illinois July 11, 1874, Powless was serving as a guard at the Federal Jail for several weeks when he was sworn in.

Powless' application was addressed to the Police Committee, and read as follows:  "I herewith make application for the position of Chief of Police of Anchorage, Alaska.   Through my service of several years in the Army, knowledge of men and the public has been acquired, which it is thought will enable me to fill the position with credit to myself and satisfaction to the people of Anchorage."

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