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Traffic Citation issued


Pay citation below if:

    • less than 45 days
    • the plea is "no contest"
    • not a PARKING ticket

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Sent to Court

State of Alaska
Court System

citation search  

Search CourtView online for citation status. No payments will be accepted after 45 days. Contact Traffic Court at 303 K. Street. 


Delinquent Criminal/Civil Fines and Fees (DCF)

Citation is sent to DCF if not paid

pay DCF  

Traffic Citation issued

Pay citation here if: 1.) less than 45 days  2.) plea is "no contest"  3.) not a PARKING ticket (See Parking Tickets in the right column.)

$20 surcharge 

The $20 is collected for the "Alaska Police Training Fund" 

Example Citation 

The surcharge is added to the citation and is shown in the total. Important: ONLY PAY SURCHARGE ONE TIME, the fine and surcharge must be entered separately on the payment form.

If the fine amount is $30.00 or more add an additional $20.00 for the surcharge; if you choose not to pay the $20.00 surcharge a request for default judgment on the $20.00 will be sent to the courts and additional charges will be added for non-payment of the surcharge. If the surcharge is not paid a default judgment will be entered against you for the maximum penalty permitted by law plus $70 in court and collection costs plus any surcharge required by statute.

How to contest a citation (plead: not guilty)​   

Payment Methods

Accept most major credit cards

Please note: The Anchorage Police Department does not accept partial payment full amount of payment only.   

Citation sent to Court

Default Judgment 

Tickets are submitted to the court system for a default judgment after a defendant fails to respond, as directed, within 45 days. Citations in default status must be addressed through the Alaska Court System, Traffic Court at the Boney Courthouse, 303 K St​., Anchorage, AK. 

To find out if your traffic citation is in default judgment check with the Alaska Court System through CourtView. 

Trouble Paying the Amount?

Payment plans or extensions can be requested through the Court.  Before your trial date, you can enter a “No Contest" plea and file a request to extend the fine due date to pay the ticket by filing a Request to Extend Fine Due Date, TR-218.  You'll find the request form on the court website​. For additional information, call the Court Accounting Office at (907)264-0555​​

Trial Judgment

If ruled guilty the fines and fees can be paid here

Delinquent Criminal/Civil Fines and Fees (DCF)

See DCF website if:

  • you have received a demand letter from the municipality
  • your citation is older than 45 days
  • is not in Alaska of State Online Court Records

DCF allows for online payments, look up your account number (click here to search)

As a last resort if DCF can not collect the delinquent violation is sent to collections​

How Can We Help You?

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