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Police Department

Chief of Police Biography

John Parsons
May 18, 1926 – June 19, 1929

On May 18, 1927, John Parsons was appointed as Chief of Police.  The City Council minutes don’t reflect why, but on April 17, 1929, John Parsons was reappointed as Chief of Police. 

Parsons was born on August 16, 1877 in Newfoundland and immigrated to the United States 1895. John Parsons and his brother Fred came to Alaska in 1896 on a ship being pursued by the U.S. Coast Guard for unlawful taking of seals.  They jumped ship in Nome and prospected for gold all over Alaska before settling in Anchorage.

John and his brother Fred owned and operated the Hotel Parsons which was located at 3rd and H St. prior to John becoming the Chief of Police.

On June 19, 1929, he resigned as Chief of Police and continued his law enforcement career as a U.S. Deputy Marshall.

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