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Police Department

Chief of Police Biography

Thomas Henry "Hank" Miller
June 21, 1950 - April 14, 1956

On June 21, 1950, Detective T.H. Miller, 51, was promoted to Chief of Police.  The starting pay for Chief was $600/month.  when Miller resigned April 14, 1956, he was making $974/month. 

Thomas Miller was an Alaska alumnus of the FBI National Academy. He had been on the Anchorage Police Department since July 16, 1949.  Miller was born on July 5, 1907 in St. Lous, Missouri. Formerly a police officer from Bremerton, Washington, Miller laid the foundations for a highly professional law enforcement organization that grew to serve Alaska's largest city.  He was also a steadfast advocate of interagency cooperation.

with the appointment of Chief Miller, the Department took its first step towards becoming a truly professional department.  Chief Miller was an individual who was a strict disciplinarian, insisted on appropriate training for his officers, and was a no-nonsense chief of police.  After resigning from APD he served as police chief in ketchikan until 1972 when an accident and ill health required him to retire from law enforcement.

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