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Police Department

Chief of Police Biography

Nathan S. Kitzmiller
February 23, 1921 - April 25, 1923

On February 23, 1921, the City Council unanimously appointed Nathan S. Kitzmiller as Chief of Police.  Chief Kitzmiller was born May 7, 1863 in West Virginia.  He was working as a carpenter prior to becoming Chief.  During Kitzmiller's tenure the Council voted to have a phone installed in the residence of the Chief of Police at the city's expense.

The Council was receiving complaints about automobiles driving too fast within the incorporated limits of the city.  an ordinance was voted on that would provide a speed of not more than eight miles per hour and the Chief of Police was instructed to arrest each and every driver of automobiles who exceed the speed limit.

Kitzmiller died in 1944 in Nome, Alaska.

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