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Police Department

Chief of Police Biography

John Flanigan
June 1956 - December 1972

John C. Flanigan was named Chief of Police June 1956.  The Chief's salary was $10,000/year.

John Flanigan was born in Dickinson, North Dakota and attended Montana State College at Bozeman, Mont.  He began law enforcement in 1935 as Assistant Supervisor of the Montana Highway Patrol.  He held this position from 1935 to 1941, spent 5 years with the FBI until 1946 when he returned to the Montana Highway Patrol. 

Chief Flanigan has attended numerous law enforcement schools over these years highlighted by the FBI National Academy. Flanigan oversaw the 1964 earthquake recovery.  The police station served as the communications center for the city during this disaster.

John Flanigan died November 1981. The current police headquarters located at Elmore and Tudor Road was dedicated to Chief John C. Flanigan.

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