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Police Department

Chief of Police Biography

C.E. Crosswhite
December 18, 1944 – December 6, 1945

The police record book showed that on December 18, 1944, C.E. Crosswhite was appointed Chief of Police.

On December 20, 1944, the Council accepted the resignation of Allen Bullock as acting Chief of Police and appointed C. E. Crosswhite as Chief of Police.  C.E. Crosswhite resigned as Chief on December 6, 1945 and returned to his home in Prineville, Oregon.  Illness in his family (daughter with rheumatic fever) and personal business he wished to attend to brought on the decision to leave Anchorage.  He planned to continue police work in Oregon.

    • Police Department
    • Chief of Police : Justin Doll
    • 4501 Elmore Road, Anchorage, AK 99507
    • 907 786-8500