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Police Department

Chief of Police Biography

Walter L. Brewington
July 3, 1929 – May 5, 1936

On July 3, 1929, the City Council was unable to agree on a choice for Chief on their first ballot and on their second vote Walter Lee Brewington received four votes and was elected by Council as Chief of Police.  BREWINGTON was born in Missouri July 10, 1885.  He was 17 years old when he came to Alaska. During his tenure, the first police car was utilized by APD and was donated by Dr. Romig.

Public officials to include the Chief of Police Walter Brewington, weren't used to having their activities reported or felt obligated to answer questions from the local newspaper. Anchorage Times, according to its publisher Bob Atwood.

Bob Atwood remembers Walter Brewington being a “nice fellow” but tried to dissuade him (Atwood) from printing police news.  Atwood recounted a story in his book “Bob Atwood’s Alaska,” that one day he had found out that the Chief had arrested a guy and put him in jail.  Atwood wrote a story about the arrest.  Atwood said that night while having a dinner party, Brewington knocked on his door.  They went out on the porch and Atwood saw that Brewington had brought his prisoner with him.

Brewington told Atwood that the prisoner was mad at him over what Atwood put in the paper.  Brewington complained that this man was his first enemy in town and that is was Atwood’s fault.  In a loud voice, Brewington told Atwood off.  Atwood eventually convinced Brewington that an arrest was news.

Besides being the Chief of Police, Brewington was a professional outdoor photographer, and expert rifleman.  He continued with APD after resigning as Chief as a night watchman.

In 1969 WALTER and his wife Effie were killed in a traffic collision in Oregon.

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