Correctable Citations During COVID-19

​While our front counter is closed, follow the process below for Correctible Citations

Send an email:

Subject line: Your last name and citation number ONLY​.

Email Message: Include ONLY the citation number, your last name and attach the below documentation. 

  • Attach necessary documents:         
    • Proof of insurance- Photo: must show you had insurance at the TIME the ticket was issued.
    • Proof of Registration- Photo: must show documents of registration from the DMV and photo of license plate with the new sticker on your vehicle.
    • Headlight/Taillight- Photo: must show vehicle with lights on and license plate visible.
    • Window Tint- Two Photos: must show entire driver side door of vehicle and include photo from front of vehicle showing license plate.
    • Proof of Driver's License- Call 786-8600, ext 2.
To pay a traffic fine online, go to the Pay ​​Your Tickets Online​ page of our website. 

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