Job Opportunities and Recruitment at APD - FAQ

Application Process

Q. What is the application process?

A. To find current job openings with the Anchorage Police Department, click here.

For information on the application and hiring process at APD, refer to the the most current job posting at Current Job Openings.  The applicable job posting will provide detailed information related position requirments, employee benefits and the hiring process.  

APD has a well deserved reputation for its high standards and dedicated service to the community. Police officer applicants are required to participate in a rigorous hiring process, including (but not limited to) initial testing, a physical ability test, a psychological assessment, and a comprehensive background check.  Fewer than 5 percent of those who test for officer positions are successful in the selection process, but those who do are met with an exciting and rewarding career opportunity. All our employees enjoy excellent pay and benefits as well as the advantage of working in an agency that values its members.  

The Anchorage Police Department welcomes you to try out for a satisfying and enjoyable career in law enforcement with one of the most professional and well-trained agencies in the country. 


Q. I live out of state.  Do I have to come to Anchorage to be tested?

Out of State applicants are defined as individuals who live 250 miles or more away from the Municipality of Anchorage. 

Out State Applicants can elect to have the initial written test “proctored” out of state.  Upon approval of an Out of State Proctor, APD Recruiting/Backgrounds will send a written copy of the National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory/Integrity test to the proctor.  The applicant will need to schedule a testing date/time with their proctor after the test arrives.  Applicants will be responsible to bring a pre-paid shipping envelope with them to the testing appointment so the test can be immediately sealed and mailed back to the Anchorage Police Department.  Study guides are available for applicants at

Out of State applicants will then be contacted with results (pass/fail) after the test is mailed back to the Anchorage Police Department.  All out of state applicants will still be required to travel to Anchorage to complete the initial selection testing (Physical Ability Test, Personal History Questionnaire, Preliminary Background Interview, and Written Psychological Examination). 

Out of State applicants will be expected to make TWO separate trips to Anchorage during the selection process. 

Q. I can't find my Letter of Instructions. Where and what time is the entry level testing?

For those that have already submitted their Request to Test form and have been approved for testing, the entry level test is conducted at the APD Training Center at 3760 W. Dimond Blvd. Be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early and bring your driver's license.

General Recruitment Questions

Q.  I'm currently serving in the United States Navy and I am interested in joining your police force when I leave active duty.  I am concerned with a few things though.  I was wondering what the changes of going through the academy or even being accepted into the academy while staying in the U.S. Naval Reserves.  Would you even accept someone with that commitment?  Also what is the percentage of recruits that make it through the academy?

A.  You do not need to be concerned about joining our department and having a reserve commitment.  We have many officers serve in Reserve and National Guard Units; in fact, several officers have been recently activated.  Our Recruiting and Training Departments try to select candidates that meet department requirements and have the best opportunity to complete the training.  It is difficult to give you a percentage of candidates that don't make it through the process, but normally there are a few candidates from each academy that realize that police work is not what they expected.  If you are considering APD, please visit our recruitment website.

Q.  Is there an upper age limit for the patrol officer position?

A.  The Anchorage Police Department requires that an applicant for the position of Patrol Officer be at least 21 years old by the date of hire.  There is no upper age limit. 

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