General APD & Law Enforcement - FAQ

Q:  I was wondering if you have a ride-along program for the general public?  If there is such a program in Anchorage, what is the process for getting involved?

A:  Yes we do have a ride-along program; you must be 18 years of age and pass a background check.  For more information about the program and to obtain a Ride-along application, click here.

Q.  Are you still accepting applications for the Anchorage Search Team?  If so, where do I go to apply?

A.  Yes, the Anchorage Search Team currently accepts applications year-round.  For additional information and specific instructions about how to apply for the Anchorage Search Team, go to the Search Team website at Thank you for your interest!

Q.  My husband is 24 and I am 20.  Is it legal for me to go into clubs or bars with him?

A.  In short -- YES -- you may accompany your spouse into a licensed premises but cannot be served.  The premises has the right to refuse your entry -- as any private business or residence may choose.  You may research this State Statute online.  It is found under Title 4, Alcoholic Beverage Laws.

Q.  What is the law regarding running snow machines within city limits?

A.  Snow machines are not permitted to run on MOA property (with the possible exception of a couple of lakes in town and Chugach State Park) or private property (without permission of the land owner).  If the machine is being operated on private property and the operator has permission to do so or is the property owner, then it becomes a noise issue.  A responding officer would then have to make a judgment on how disruptive it is deemed to be.

Q.  Can I get a restraining order on someone who has been harassing me? If so, how do I go about it?

A.  A Domestic Violence Restraining Order is a special type of restraining order issued by the court when convinced that the applicant has been a victim of domestic violence by a household member. In this case your scenario would not apply for such.  You can, however, phone the Anchorage Police Department with each harassing phone call and begin the documentation process.  The violator could then be charged with Illegal Use of a Telephone if he/she continues this behavior once advised by an officer that he/she is violating the law (8.10.090).

Q.  I have been sent or have come across pornographic images of juveniles. How do I report these images to APD?

A. Please do not send pornographic images of juveniles to APD through email. To do so is Distribution of Child Pornography and is a felony crime. Please contact the Cyber Crimes Unit at 907-786-8500 for further instruction on what to do with these images for crime reporting purposes.

Q. What is the curfew during the school year? 

A. Anyone 16 years or younger is considered a minor. All minors must be home between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Monday through Friday and between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. This applies anywhere within the municipality. The penalty for violating the curfew is between $75-$300, and parents can also be fined for permitting curfew violations. There are exceptions for emergencies, or if the minor has written or oral permission from a parent or legal guardian to perform a specific errand and return home directly.

Q.   My wife and I were wondering why the curfew laws do not appear to be enforced. It seems lately that many of the people involved in unlawful behavior are juveniles and they are raising havoc after the curfew hours.

A.  The curfew laws are still being enforced.  You are correct that we have more calls-in-stack than officers to handle them. It is not uncommon for Mid Shift Patrol (2300-0900 hours) to have 20+ calls waiting for an officer. When officers are free to enforce laws, they do. We can't stop vehicles just to identify the occupants for their age status. We stop the vehicles for a multitude of reasons, then we legally identify the occupants.

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