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Don't Lie for the Other GuyHow do I apply for a Class III Weapon or Accessory?  

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Q.  Is it illegal to shoot animals with a BB gun in a residential neighborhood?  Are soft guns illegal in the municipality?

A.  Anchorage Municipal Code 8.25.030 regulates Discharge of Firearms within the Municipality.  It states, in part, it is unlawful for any person to knowingly shoot, discharge, or flourish any firearm, air rifle or air pistol within the MOA except in those areas open to the public for lawful hunting or upon established shooting ranges.

Q.  I will be traveling to your state and would like to know if there are any special laws or permits that need to be purchased in advance for carrying a pistol.  I will have my weapons permit from my home state.

A.  Currently, there are no special weapons permits needed to carry a firearm anywhere in the State of Alaska.  However, there are many conditions that restrict a person from carrying a loaded firearm at certain times or locations. It would be wise to research Alaska State Statutes concerning Weapons 11.61.190 through .220 and since it appears that you have a CCW permit issued by your state, you may also wish to review AS 18.65.700 through .790.

In general:  You may not possess a firearm:

  1. If you are a minor (without parent or guardian permission and presence)
  2. If you are a prohibited person (i.e. a convicted felon, a person who is a current respondent of a Protective Order from any state).
  3. While intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
  4. On or in any school ground or building, government building or court building.
  5. In any place or premise where alcohol is sold for consumption.  It is an affirmative defense however if possession occurred at a place designated as a restaurant and the person did not consume intoxicating liquor.
  6. In any place where signs are posted indicating the prohibition of firearms.
  7. In any private residence without the permission of the owner/resident.
Q.  Why does Anchorage post in the "don't" section in carry conceal permits state carry conceal in City buildings?  Other than a jail under 18.65.778 a city cannot prohibit the carrying of a concealed weapon under a permit and now that permits are no longer required when was the law changed? 

A.  The current State Statute allows anyone who owns or leases property, to disallow firearms -- concealed or otherwise -- on their premises.  In fact a provision of the law states that even permit holders (those who wish to possess a CCW permit for various reasons) risk being charged and losing their CCW permit if in violation of such law.  This does require that the building owner (to include government offices) must post in a conspicuous place, observable placards or notice that firearms are not permitted.  Any homeowner, business owner or leaseholder, may possess a firearm on their own respective property.  That does not give anyone else a right to possess a firearm on the property of another, if it is known or communicated "No Firearms Allowed" - or - "Weapons Prohibited".  Please read AS 17.65.755 for clarification.  You may wish to consult with an attorney for any legal opinion, as mine is an interpretation of the elements of the law.

Q.  I want to sell a handgun that has an Alaska Drivers License number etched on it.  Should I etch over it to make it unreadable before trying to sell it? Does the etching and/or the ADL make the gun unsellable?  Do you have any other advice to sell the gun safely?

A.  You would be best served speaking with a licensed gun sales person or the BATF at 271-5701.  There are very few restrictions in selling your firearm, but speaking bluntly and from experience:

1).  Copy down your serial number, model and make (i.e. Colt, 45 caliber model 1911, serial number BR459).2)   Ask for the buyers ID card before handing them the firearm and copy down the name and DOB as spelled on the form.3)   Make a bill of sale with the listed information (much like a car).4)   Provide a copy to the buyer and keep a permanent copy for your records.

You'd be surprised at how often the police use a registration trace to find the first purchaser and then others.  It might save you some extensive scrutiny and time in the future.

Q.  What are the laws concerning use of firearms within the city limits? In particular firing the firearm in or around an apartment complex?

A.  Under Municipal Ordinance 8.25.030 Discharge of Firearms     (A).  It is unlawful for any person to knowingly:          (1).  shoot, discharge or flourish any firearm, air rifle or air pistol within the Municipality of Anchorage except in those areas open to the public for lawful hunting or upon established shooting ranges.     It might also violate State Statutes to include:  11.41.220(a) Assault in the Second Degree; 11.41.250(a) Reckless Endangerment; 11.61.190-220 Misconduct Involving Weapons. Bottom line is it is illegal to discharge a firearm in the vicinity of an apartment complex, someone could be injured.

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