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Carry Conceal Permits

"Alaska's laws do not prohibit anyone 21 or older who may legally possess a firearm from carrying it concealed.  A special permit is not required."   For informational purposes only, click the link to view the current state law.

If carrying a concealed weapon, here are some basic rules that the citizens of Anchorage need to comply with:

  • If contacted by a peace officer, immediately inform him/her that you are in possession of a firearm or deadly weapon.
  • If contacted by a peace officer, allow the officer to secure the deadly weapon during the duration of the contact.
  • Pay attention to posted signs prohibiting concealed firearms on premises of any building or residence that you may visit.
  • Knowingly carry a concealed weapon within the grounds of or the parking lot immediately adjacent to public/private schools, licensed daycare facilities, federal, city, and state buildings, domestic violence shelters, airports, and courthouses.
  • In a bar or restaurant: It is illegal to carry a loaded gun into a place where liquor is sold for consumption on the premises, except in a restaurant if the person carrying the gun has not consumed alcohol.
  • Bring a concealed weapon on your person into the residence of another person without first obtaining the express permission of an adult residing at the residence.

To find out more information about the laws regarding carrying a concealed weapon, go to the Anchorage Municipal Codes and follow the links to Anchorage Municipal Code 8.25.020, 8.25.050, and 8.25.060.  If further clarification is needed, please e-mail your questions to us at AskAPD

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