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Trail Watch Committee    

The Mayor's Trail Watch Advisory Committee is comprised of individuals who distinguished themselves as leaders through their dedication to the development of the Trail Watch program.  

Members include:

  • Craig Torrey, Anchorage Fire Department
  • Mark Fitch, University of Alaska, Anchorage
  • Brian Dean, APD Citizen Academy, trail user
  • Gene Storm, S. Addition CC, trail user
  • Jorgena Daly, BLM, Anchorage Field Office, NE CC,
  • Mike Smulski, APD Volunteer Coordinator
  • John McCleary, Trail Watch Advocate
  • John Bean, UAA
  • Phil Manke
  • Ed Brewer, Trail Watch Advocate
  • John See, AFD Forester
  • Mike Woods, Natural Resources Management  Instructor at King Career Center

Committee To-Do List

The committee is dedicated to focusing on several specific tasks including:

  • Clearly define the priorities of Trail Watch program development over the next 8 months
  • Develop clear volunteer referral, recruitment, and management process
  • Identify and strengthen partnership opportunities with other trail user group
  • Pursue sponsorship opportunities with local organizations
  • Develop volunteer recognition program
  • Review and refine responsibilities of Trail Watch volunteer positions.  Set formal guidelines and code of conduct
  • Develop new training opportunities for volunteers
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    • Director: John Rodda
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