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Expectations of Trail Watch Ambassadors

Trail Watch Ambassadors are expected to devote about 2 hours to the program each week.  The requirement is to conduct a round trip on the agreed upon trail segment within the assigned 2 hour period as opposed to being present on the segment for the entire 2 hours. This allows Ambassadors to extend their patrols to adjacent trail segments, expand the number of patrols they can do and gives them the option of meeting their patrol obligations more expeditiously as their individual circumstances may, from time to time, require. 

The time periods of 6-8am, 4-6pm, 6-8pm & 8-10pm on the trail segments listed below should be used for consideration. At present the 10 trail segments requiring Ambassador coverage are:

  • CT1 - Downtown – Westchester Lagoon
  • CT2 -  Westchester Lagoon –  Earthquake Park
  • CH1 - Westchester Lagoon –  Seward Highway
  • CH2 - New Seward Highway - Woodside Park –  Goose Lake
  • CH3 - Goose Lake - Russian Jack Springs Park
  • CC1 - University Lake - Campbell Creek Park
  • CC2 - Campbell Creek Park Dowling Road - International Airport/Frontage Road
  • CC3 - C Street - Taku Lake - Dowling Road
  • CC4 - Dimond - Victor Northwood - Taku Lake
  • SC1 - Ship Creek - AK Railroad - Tyson Elementary School  

The hours of coverage are:

  • 6am to 8am Monday through Friday
  • 4pm to 10pm Daily

Assignments are made on a first come, first serve basis. Those that have the flexibility should include all periods during which they can be available to help cover those open period(s) and trail segments with the highest priority for coverage. Ambassadors’ schedules are carried forward to the next month unless the Trail Watch Coordinator is notified. Those Trail Watchers unable to make the Ambassador level of commitment are encouraged to volunteer for any of the time periods and segments that work with their schedule.

To sign up for a shift or to make changes, call 343-4287.

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