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Trail Safety Projects

Trail safety brushing projects focus on improving sight lines, increasing off trail visibility into densely wooded areas, and creating defensible space against fire. The urban standards for these efforts were adopted following safe sight distances in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles found in many urban areas and Fire Wise guidelines by the Anchorage Fire Department.

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Safety Guidelines

Volunteers are asked to be prepared with appropriate weather gear, work boots, work gloves, water, and sweat band/small face towel. Loppers and hand saws will be provided with protective eye wear and other personal protective equipment (PPE) if needed by volunteers.  All chainsaw volunteers must either be Red Card certified or have undergone documented training of chainsaw operation prior to the day of the event.  PPE is required at all times for all chainsaw users including but not limited to: Chaps, hard hat, ear and eye protection, gloves, andwork boots. Long sleeve shirts and pants are recommended. 

Contact Information

For more project or program information, please call 343-4287.

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