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Scenic Park

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The park contains a tot swing set, a sledding hill, a lighted paved pathway that connects to Scenic Park Elementary School, and 2 tennis courts. 


In 1972, the Scenic Park Elementary PTA requested that this property be acquired by the Municipality for use as parkland. A resolution was passed by the Anchorage Assembly in 1972 to acquire several parcels for parkland within the borough and this parcel was included in the package. The land was purchased in August 1972.

In 1978, development of the park began with a community involvement process identifying planned uses of the park. In the late 1980’s, a lighted pathway was built from 36th Avenue to Scenic Park Elementary School. This park was developed with assistance from the Land & Water Conservation Fund.

In 2003, vandals burned down the play equipment, leaving a tot swing set in operation. 


In 2011, neighborhood and community members came together to fill out a report card to grade the condition of the park.The park received an F.  Findings suggested that the play equipment needed to be upgraded and that the informal trail connecting the park with Scenic Park Elementary needed to be revitalized.

In 2012, The Scenic Foothills Community Council acquired funding to improve the existing lighted pathway.  Neighborhood park improvement funding was also acquired from the State through APF.  The VIP Committee agreed to prioritize improvements to the lighted pathway and rehabilitate the playground area with new equipment and surfacing. 

In 2013, the park improvements value is expected to be over $100,000. 

Contracted Work:

  • Retrofit and add LED lighting for paved pathway and playground area
  • Playground Rehabilitation: add playground equipment and replace sand with wood fiber fall surface 
  • Additional amenities - 2 New Picnic Tables, 1 bench near playground area.
  • Review concept boards from VIP meetings
  • Review playground concept
  • View playground plan set for more details 
  • View illumination improvement plans

Volunteer Effort:

  • Improve definition of existing nature pathway.
  • Clear brush to improve site lines in forest. 
  • Celebrate the new playground with neighbors! 
The park Fix-It volunteer powered day is scheduled for July 13th of 2013.

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Park Specifications (PDF) 

Joshua Durand

Park Planner

P: 343-4427


Volunteer at a Fix-It!

Mirna Estrada

Volunteer Coordinator

P: 343-4587