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Parks and Recreation

Parks & Trails 


Connecting the community to nature and to each other!

The Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department manages 10,946 acres (223 parks) of municipal parkland including neighborhood, community, special use and natural resource parks. We also have over 250 miles of trails (135 miles paved), 110 athletic fields, 5 pools, 11 recreation centers and 82 playgrounds.  To learn more about a particular park or trail visit the park listing or trail information page. You can also view an interactive trail map or purchase a park and trail map for your personal use. 

Each new park is developed by working with the community to meet that particular area's needs. We currently have several projects under development. To learn more about the development process visit the Park Projects page.

If you see a park maintenance emergency please call 343-4554. To learn about how we maintain and care for the parks visit the Parks Maintenance page.

If you'd like to rent out a facility, picnic shelter, garden plot, athletic field or a park area for your event visit the Reservations page.

Concerned about safety on the trails? Become a Trail Watch Volunteer and help us keep our trails safe.

We hope you will broaden your journey with a personal visit to the many parks, open spaces and trails in Anchorage.  It is a great way to connect with nature and with the community.

Other park assets:  Ice Rink/Winter Trail Condition Status, Picnic Shelters, PlaygroundsOff-Leash Dog Areas, Campground, Lakes, Ice Rinks, Sledding Hills, Trail Watch, Kincaid Singletrack.

Illegal Camps on Parkland:  Call APD Dispatch at 786-8900 during normal business hours (8AM – 5PM) and tell them the exact location of the camp.  APD will need your name/phone number at this time.  This information will be forwarded to the APD CAP Team and they will arrange for the breakdown of the camp and it’s removal.  Additionally, if law enforcement is warranted, the campers will be cited or arrested depending on the circumstances of the camp.  This often takes several days to coordinate; however, CAP Team Staffing will directly affect how quickly the camps are removed.  (Currently, there are only 4 officers assigned to the CAP Team).  APD and our community partners will deal with each of these camps as resources and priorities dictate.

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