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 “Disc”overing New Heights at the Canine Frisbee Championships 2014

Exciting Paw to Paw Competition, in conjunction with Bark In The Park, will be held Sunday, July 13, 2014 so mark your calendar!

Awesome Aussies, leaping Labs, bounding Border Collies and magnificent mixed breeds will take to the skies over Anchorage when the Municipality of Anchorage, Parks & Recreation Department hosts the Canine Frisbee Championships Sunday, July 13, 2014. Families and sports enthusiasts are invited to come out and enjoy an exciting afternoon on the Parkstrip and cheer on the most entertaining four-legged athletes in the area. Competition will be ruff and there will be a lot of fur flying. Unlike professional athletes, many of the four-legged competitors will be eager to provide pawdagraphs and kisses to their fans.  Watch agility, obedience and protection demonstrations, flyball exhibitions, pet contests and more. The events take place at 1pm at the Delaney Parkstrip Soccer Field (10th & L Street) east of the Rose Garden. On-site registration for the frisbee event begans at 11 am and continues until the start of the event (or until registration forms are gone), and competition begins at 1pm. Previous experience is not required and is limited to the first 50 registrants with a limit of 2 dogs per household. If there are less then 50 entrants, then additional dogs from the same household may compete. Canine Frisbee is a boneafied sports event which welcomes novice and veteran competitors alike. Cost to enter your frisbee loving dog is $5, and as usual, is free to spectators.  “Disc”over your dog’s talent and see what your canine companion is capable of in the 2014 competition.

Competition consists of two 60-second mini-distance rounds and the dogs with the highest scores advance to the second round. Owners supply their own frisbees for the championships   Points are awarded on the number of catches each dog does in 60-seconds. Higher points are scored for distance and mid-air catches.

Now, the rules for registration:

  • Dog owners/handlers must provide proof of current rabies and a current dog license to register (dog license is only required for participants who reside within the Municipality, (the Municipality spans from Girdwood to Knik River Bridge), or bring a copy of your rabies certificate and purchase a dog license from Anchorage Animal Control the day of the event. 
  • Registration is limited to 2 dogs per household
  • Dogs must be under supervision at all times and remain on a leash until their turn to compete.
  • Dogs in heat or aggressive dogs are not allowed so please leave them at home.

 Frisbees are provided (we have a limited supply) or bring your own.  Lots of  prizes.

NOTE: Dog Frisbee is dependent on the weather.  If it is raining or the grass is extremely wet because of rain, both events will be cancelled due to the risk of injuries to the dogs competing on wet grass.  Contact Doe Anderson at 632-1499. These events will not be rescheduled for 2014. 

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