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Ure Park is a 1.82 acre neighborhood park that abuts the Fish Creek. The city purchased the land from Barbara Ure in 1982, and the former Ure residence was used by the Spenard Lions Club as a meeting place.

In 2017, Parks and Recreation removed the structure that was on the site due to safety concerns and in 2018 hosted a volunteer event to limb vegetation, pick up trash, and remove invasive species. In April 2019, voters approved a $100,000 municipal bond to continue park improvements.

Project Overview

Parks and Recreation is currently looking into discovering community stakeholders and desires of the community for Ure Park. The site plan will provide a 20 year vision for the park and help identify both current and future needs. Throughout the site planning process, Parks and Rec will look to address issues and concerns, and establish a framework for future development of the park. 

As of spring 2020, a survey has been conducted of the park, and the planning team associated with this project is currently assessing the costs associated with building a bridge or passage across Fish Creek, which will include a flood study and permitting that would facilitate safe passage to the Fish Creek Trail. 

Public Engagement

This project has been brought to two Spenard Community councils in the past three years, and has had two consecutive years of volunteer events (2018 and 2019) that included brush clearing and garbage cleanup in the park. During the last volunteer event and the last community council we attended for Ure Park, we encouraged members of the community to provide input on their visions of the park. We found that members of the community would prefer that the area be preserved in its natural condition, but activated in a way that benefits the community through programming that could include things like a trail to the existing Fish Creek Trail, which runs behind the park, and/or a community garden. ​​

Public engagement is important to any planning project. To ensure that the site plan aligns with the desires of the community, Parks and Recreation will be gathering public input in a variety of ways and working with community stakeholders. If you would like to participate in the Community Advisory Group, please contact Park Planner Taylor Keegan at taylor.keegan@anchorageak.gov.

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