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Tikishla Park Master Plan

3018 E. 20th Ave & 2201 Lake Otis Pkwy (Map)  

Anchorage Parks and Recreation is working with stakeholders and user groups to develop a master plan for Tikishla Park. 


Concept Alternatives Survey is now closed!

Thank you to the more than 150 respondents who provided their input on future development of Tikishla Park at East 20th.  Anchorage Parks and Recreation will now work with the community advisory group to refine your feedback into a preferred alternative.  Stay tuned for future updates! 

Open House #2: February 6th (5:30-7pm) Open House Flyer

Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Airport Heights (2824 E 18th Ave)

Join us at the second open house event!  Members of the community are invited to learn more about the master planning process, ask questions, and provide input on the proposed concept alternatives.  The next step will be to take your input and revise the concepts into a preferred alternative.    


Tikishla Park is a 105 acre park located along the Chester Creek Greenbelt in the Airport Heights neighborhood of Anchorage. 

The park is classified as a Natural Resource Use Area in the 2006 Anchorage Bowl Park, Natural Resource and Recreation Facility Plan and includes over 80 acres of forest, stream, meadow and wetlands. 

Tikishla Park also features over 20 acres of developed lands including the Scotty Gomez hockey rink, little league ballfields at Davenport Fields and Tikishla Park (E 20th Ave), 2-5 and 5-12 play equipment, parking, and the Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail as well as many soft-surface trails.


The master plan will provide a 20-year vision for the park. It will identify current and future needs, addresses issues and concerns, and establishes a framework for future development at the park. To ensure that future upgrades meet the desires and expectations of the community, Anchorage Parks and Recreation will be working with a stakeholder advisory group. The advisory group will provide guidance in the development of the master plan. The Parks and Recreation Department will also be hosting a series of public meetings to allow members of the community to provide input into the planning process.

Outreach (Fall)

Outreach to stakeholders including community councils and user groups

Advisory Group Meetings (Fall/Winter)

Three meetings will be scheduled with an advisory group.  The advisory group will be comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders and will assist the planning team in the development of the plan.  The goal of the advisory group will be to build consensus on a preferred alternative.

Advisory Group Meeting #1: October 19th

Advisory Group Meeting #2: December 7th

Advisory Group Meeting #3: February 27th

Open House Events (Fall/Winter)

Anchorage Parks and Recreation will be hosting two open house events to gather information and feedback from members of the community.  Information from the public will be used to inform the development of the master plan.

Open House #1: November 16th

Open House #2: February 6th

Online Surveys (Winter 2016-17)

Online surveys will be used to gather input from the members of the community.  The first survey will be administered early in the process to better understand the wants and needs of the community.  A second survey will be administered at the concept development phase to help identify a preferred alternative (see Plan Development below)

Plan Development (Fall 2016 - Summer 2017)

Several alternatives will be developed by the project team and advisory group based on information gathered through the public process.  Alternatives will be presented to the public for review with the goal of a consensus based preferred alternative.

Approval Process (Fall/Winter 2017)

1) Community Council Resolution 2) Parks and Recreation Commission Hearing   3) Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing    Once approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, Parks and Recreation will seek funding to implement the plan.

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Steve Rafuse, MOA Park Planner


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1. Advisory Group Meeting #1 Minutes

2. Open House Summary of Comments

3. Online Survey #1 Summary of Input

4. Advisory Group Meeting #2 Minutes

Park Overview Map

Park Map (PDF)

Wetlands and Natural Resources Map
Wetlands and Natural Resources (PDF)
Use Areas Map

Uses Area Map (PDF)

Access and Connections

Access and Connections (JPG)


In 1973, the surrounding neighborhood agreed to voluntarily assess their property to help purchase 6 acres of parkland for $200,000.  The city went into partnership with the homeowners.  The city paid $66,000 and the balance was paid by the homeowners.  This was the first citizen initiated park district petition in Anchorage's history.  Over 1,100 people agreed to assessment.  In 1983, development began on the park and a dedication of the playground was held in 1985.  The hockey rink was named for Scott Gomez, a two time Stanley Cup recipient, who grew up in the Airport Heights neighborhood.

Davenport Fields were named to honor Bill Davenport who helped build the fields.