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Parks and Recreation

T Parks

Park Name 
Taku Park  E. 72nd Ave. & Old Seward Hwy  Map 
Taku Lake Park  100 E. 76th Avenue.  Map 
Tanglewood Park    between New Seward Hwy & Hawkins Lane   Map 
Telequana Park  2260 Kissee Ct.  Map 
Tikishla Park  3018 E. 20th Avenue  Map 
Timberlane Park  12004 Timberlane   Map 
Totem Fields  E. 32nd and Muldoon Area  Map 
Town Square Park  544 W. 5th Ave.   Map 
Turinski Park  68th & Lake Otis  Map 
Turpin Park  201 Oklahoma Street  Map 

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