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Parks and Recreation

P Parks

Park Name 
Pamela Joy Lowry  7961 Ascot St.  Map 
Papago Park  7319 Papago Place  Map 
Patterson Park  R.O.W. between Chandalar & Chester Creek at end of Patterson St.  Map 
Pena Sports Fields  Off Glenn Hwy/Muldoon Road at Boundary Ave. & Frontage Rd.  Map 
Pete's Park  2226 W. Marston Drive  Map 
Pfleiger Park  Hampton Drive off Baxter Road  Map 
Pioneer Park  1501 Old Klatt Rd.  Map 
Pleasant Drive Park  3208 Pleasant Drive  Map 
Point Woronzof Park  7251 Point Woronzof Drive  Map 
Pop Carr Memorial Park  4608 Kent Street  Map 
Potter Creek Ravine Park  Portugal Place & Romania Drive  Map 
Point Woronzof Overlook  West Northern Lights/Woronzof Road  Map 

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