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Moose Safety

There are many moose in Alaska and many live in Anchorage.  Learn to be safe outdoors. Your safety, and that of the moose and other trail users, depends on it.

Safety Tips

Below are tips to keep you safe around moose:

  1. Make lots of noise; we want moose to be aware of humans.
  2. Keep dogs on a leash.  Dogs close to moose may aggravate them.
  3. Most moose are more aggressive in calving (spring), and mating (fall), seasons. However, they can be aggressive any time of year.
  4. Don’t ever come between a cow and its calf.
  5. Mountain bikers should avoid single track trails from mid-May through late June, while calves are young and cows are very protective.
  6. Aggravated moose have their ears laid back, the hair on their neck standing up, and they may start licking their lips.
  7. If a moose charges, get something between you (like a tree or car).
  8. Don’t feed the moose.  It habituates them, it is against the law, and is very dangerous.

Additional Information

For more information on moose, go to Alaska Department of Fish and Game's site on basic moose life history, range, habitat and more.

You can also visit Alaska Department of Fish and Game "Living with Moose" site.

This webpage was created by the Moosekateers, a First Lego League Robotics team. You can find more information about the group here.​

We created this webpage to provide information on our urban wildlife, their natural areas of habitat and to educate the public so encounters between moose and people can be a safe, pleasant experience for both.  We encourage you to use this safety information to become informed before your next trip into areas shared with moose.

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